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Please give us a call to find out about our special prices for these overstock items:

  • Honda Megasonic PTFE flow meters:
    USFK10 and USFK15

  • Honda Ultrasonic Level Meters:
    HD700A 50 KHZ, HD700B 100KHZ

  • Surpass Pressure Sensors
    TPL-3AU-N, TPL-5AU-N

  • ALMATEC PTFE and PE pumps and pulsation dampeners:
    FP50, FD50, SD50, FP100, FD100, A8TTZ, A8TTT, A15ETT, A40TTZ, AD15EEE, AD15EEZ, AD25EEE, AD50ETT, T15EFE, AT25EAT, AT20SAT

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