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   Partners - Meco Equipment Engineers B.V.
Meco (division of the Besi group) manufactures and supplies plating systems to suit a wide variety of products. Over the years, these systems have established an international reputation for high performance, outstanding reliability, top quality and unbeatable economy.
Meco offers a real solution for cell efficiency improvement: the process starts on a narrow and thin seed layer of Ag paste where the electrical conductance of the contact finger is further enhanced by electroplating either Ag or Ni-Cu-Sn onto i. This gives:
  » A narrow contact finger while the resistance value is also improved at the same time.
  » With the CPL (cell plating line), an overall absolute cell efficiency improvement of up to 0.5% can be obtained.
  » Also expensive Ag Paste can be saved as only a narrow and thin seed layer is required.
Therefore CPL ROI of < year can be achieved!
  » The total CPL throughput is 1,500 to 3,000 cells / hour.
The Meco CPL is based on the robust and proven concept of the Meco EPL (electro plating line), with more than 300 machines installed worldwide & built up a reputation in the semiconductor world for lead frame plating applications.
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