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   Partners - Teamtechnik Maschinen and Anlagen GmbH
  A major player in system and process technology, Teamtechnik has achieved its market position through its use of future-oriented technology. Since 2004 the company is offering stringer systems for special applications as well as standard stringer systems manufactured in a series production. Customers of the more than 600 high-tech systems sold to date include leading global manufacturers of solar modules. Highly dependable output and the best soldering quality has made Teamtechnik the market leader in this area of solar technology.
  STRINGER TT2100 the fastest in the world on a single track
  The STRINGER TT2100 solder-connects two cells together in 1.71 seconds. Teamtechnik is specialized in high-performance stringers and layup applications. Major solar module manufacturers around the world rely on our systems for producing solar cell strings. We have supplied over 600 STRINGER TT systems to date, which has made us the world’s market leader in just a few years. The processes, control systems and drive technology used in the stringer systems are all cutting-edge.
  STRINGER TT4200 GIGA: maximum performance in the smallest space

The production capacity of the TT4200 GIGA is impressive. On just 15 square meters and with a cycle time of 0.85 seconds or 4200 cycles per hour, this system can achieve an annual capacity of 130 MWp – and all with maximum energy efficiency.

The result is a constantly high string quality with breakage rates of less than 0.2 percent. Its range of applications is broad: the new system can process all full and half cells currently available with up to six busbars. Optimal handling processes ensure high system availability.
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