Introducinging Valor® IoT Manufacturing – Valor MSS

Valor® IoT Manufacturing is a robust, secure IoT device and data acquisition solution for electronics manufacturing, featuring:

  • Built-in interfaces to the majority of automated and manual stations on the shop floor
  • Advanced machine and process control capabilities
  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • Industrial-grade hardware, high performance security and data integrity

Major Product Benefits

  1. Provides access to all machines and processes on the shop floor
  2. Maximizes data flow efficiency by normalizing all data collected into a single standardized specification, the Open Manufacturing Language (OML)
  3. Provides insight into the factory performance with intuitive real-time dashboards
  4. Increases machine utilization by automatically identifying bottlenecks based on predefined KPIs
  5. REST API and OML SDK provided free of charge
  6. Enables users to configure all sites, floors, lines, machines, processes, tools, users, work orders, and BOM revisions from a single portal
  7. Routing control & decision making including test pass/fail routing
  8. Material & process traceability and verification
  9. Manufacturing intelligence, customizable web-based dashboards & reports display and analysis of performance & utilization KPIs
  10. Information highway ERP interface
  11. NEW: Valor® IoT Manufacturing as part of Siemens Opcenter Execution Electronics (formerly known as Camstar™ Electronics Suite)
    • Camstar+IoT provide the best in class solution for electronics. Valor IoT box serves as the data acquisition layer from the machines. Camstar as the MES system
    • Material Management on top of Camstar, managing the material cross the entire line and production stations
    • Valor Manufacturing Analytics on top of Camstar. Provides Business Intelligent and Analytics on the data from Camstar and IoT

Valor® IoT Manufacturing – Valor MSS Support

When you purchase products like Valor® IoT Manufacturing that that improve your organization’s productivity and integrate tightly into your business, a comprehensive support program should be an integral part of your product purchase. Exceptional support is the insurance that allows your employees to concentrate on their work, while our staff helps keep your downtime to a minimum.

Key Support Benefits

  1. Software enhancements to bring you the latest improvements in product functionality, usability, and performance
  2. Support Center for rapid, secure access to online support
  3. Technical support backed by an award-winning support organization

What’s New In Valor® IoT Manufacturing - Valor MSS Incoming Version

    Valor MSS v14.5 release notes

  1. Security:
    • HTTPS support
    • SMB2 support
  2. Support of external NTP server
  3. Drivers:
    • Teradyne ICT
    • ASM SPI
    • Licensing no longer required for assembly registration
  4. Improved integration with Siemens Opcenter Execution Electronics (formerly known as Camstar™ Electronics Suite)
    • Screen Printer now sends events to Camstar
    • Short term reliability in OML Adapter
    • Monitoring OML Adapter (Web app + mailer)
    • In-dashboard notification on move in error or move in verification error
  5. MMA:
    • Handling historical material events (quantity changed, material inserted, material removed)
    • Screen printer (process data) support in Camstar, SFM, MMA, BI Analytics - MMA Part

What’s New In Valor® IoT Manufacturing – Valor MSS Support

  1. New Valor Premier 24x5 Support Plan
  2. Valor now has a Premier Support Plan to enhance our level of support and meet your needs:
    • 24X5 support - Continuous work on the most critical issues to provide faster resolution
    • Customer Care Issue Management - Custom-defined communication plan for most urgent business issues
    • IoT emergency spare parts - Availability of spare hardware parts that can save days of downtime

    For more details please contact

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