NMTRONICS 25th Anniversary

About Us


NMTronics India Pvt. Ltd. is a 20+-year-old company that helps industry leaders stay competitive, profitable, and relevant over time by assisting them to create tomorrow’s high-end manufacturing solutions.

As the industry leader, we provide world-class equipment and efficient after-sales services to the electronics and solar manufacturing industries, making us a "Single Window Solution Provider" in the Indian subcontinent.

We take pride in our long-standing expertise in advanced technologies such as SMT, AUTOMATION, SOLAR, EV, and SEMICONDUCTOR. On top of being the market leader, NMTronics India was the first in the industry to introduce technical and industrial training for budding engineers in the electronics manufacturing segment.

NMTronics Institute of Surface Mount Engineering & Technology (NISMET) offers in-depth training from industry veterans and technical experts.

Today, NMTronics India represents over 30 global OEM partner companies and is the market leader in specialized technology equipment sales, service & distribution businesses.

It has a 40% market share in the Surface Mount Technology business and a 30% market share in Solar manufacturing solutions.

NMTronics India is also the first to establish the MINT (Make in India with NMTronics and iNETest) facility under the GOI initiative of Make in India. This facility offers first-hand experience and a live demo of production on the SMT assembly line for manufacturers.

We have a pan-India service network spread across 11 cities with a workforce of more than 250. NMTronics has over 20,000 square feet of engineering establishment in the Special Economic Zone [SEZ] for catering to major Electronics manufacturers, Robotic automation, and PV customers. In addition, there are 5,000 square feet of design, engineering, and integration facilities for custom automation solutions and standard product lines. This facility is fully equipped to provide chip-to-ship service to our clients and is presently serving 218+ clients and 640+ SMT lines.

Our History

NMTronics India Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Soni Saran Singh, in 1999 with Nichimen Corporation, Japan.

With the sole purpose of empowering Indian electronics manufacturers in their goal to offer the latest and high-end technology products in the country and meet the demand-supply gap of Surface Mount Technology Solutions (SMT), NMTronics India worked consistently to become the market leader.

Over the years, NMTronics India diversified into new business verticals by offering Solar Manufacturing Solutions (2009) and NMT Automation (2017).

In March 2021, the company bought back its shares and is now an independent player in the market.


Our vision is to empower every organization in the world that embarks on a journey to adopt breakthrough innovations and technologies and wishes to build the best-in-class products and services for their customers. In other words, we want to become Partners for Industry Gamechangers and welcome futuristic technology to be a part of everyone’s lives.

We see ourselves as being a single-window provider of sales and distribution of SMT and Solar manufacturing companies and have set a benchmark for future technology implementation.

We aspire to be a part of this growing, dynamic, and continuously evolving world of technology and bring it into the lives of people.


We strive to be the world’s best technology & sustainable solution provider in this dynamic age of technology. Our top priority is to offer cutting-edge solutions, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction to our clients.


At NMTronics India, we insist on an open and transparent culture that promotes personal growth and embraces diversity.

A growing environment that promotes innovation and creates a positive impact all around. We constantly collaborate on new ideas and strategies to discover new ways of doing things and deliver the best possible solutions and services to our clients.

Through respect, leadership, innovation, and teamwork, we take great pride in ensuring the utmost value is in every solution we offer.

We value and understand the significance of a skilled and dedicated workforce and make every effort to encourage a team-based culture of mutual respect and learning. An innovative, challenging, and rewarding work environment provides the necessary groundwork for growth and development.

The ultimate goal is to provide value to our customers, principals, and employees and to weave a strong community based on the foundation of mutual growth and trust.

Core Values


We consistently work on achieving high standards for our clients.


We deliver value to our customers by providing high-end technology solutions, services, and systems that sustainability differentiates us from other players.


It is our most valuable asset and we strive to take every action with honesty, respect, accountability, and equity for our suppliers (principals), clients, and colleagues alike.


We value mutual growth and development through the achievement of business and personal goals.

Client’s Success

It is our top priority to ensure our client’s success and satisfaction by providing innovative technology solutions and promptness in solving their problems as and when required.

Team Work

We intend to deliver quality and precision to our clients through great teamwork and combined learning and experiences.


  • Latest Equipment for Manufacturers
  • Site Preparation Guide
  • Installation & Commissioning of Equipment
  • Manufacturing System Solutions
  • Software Outsourcing and Project Implementation
  • Process Study and Spare Parts Support
  • After Sales Support (24X7)

In addition to this, NMTronics India Pvt. Ltd. is the preferred solutions provider specializing in consultancy, distribution, sales, and service support for EMS companies that wish to set up new production lines, upgrade existing machines, expand manufacturing capabilities, and optimize production throughputs.


soni saran singh


icon CEO, Founder, and Managing Director
icon B.Tech Mechanical Engineering & PG Diploma in Marketing

We are delighted to introduce our visionary CEO, Mr. Soni Saran Singh, a true leader whose exceptional leadership qualities have propelled our company to unmatched heights of success over the past 27 years.

A Journey of Exploration:

Having traversed the globe, Mr. Soni Saran Singh has embarked on a remarkable journey of discovery, immersing himself in diverse cultures and gaining profound insights along the way. These invaluable experiences have shaped his leadership style, instilling in him a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of our global landscape. By embracing the wisdom and perspectives of people from all walks of life, he has fostered a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and adaptability within our organization.

Leading with Purpose:

NMTronics India has flourished under Mr. Soni Saran Singh’s astute guidance, achieving remarkable milestones and setting new industry benchmarks. His unwavering commitment to our company’s vision has been instrumental in propelling us forward, even in the face of challenging market dynamics. With his strategic mindset and unrelenting drive, he has charted our course through ever-changing tides, guiding us toward new horizons and ensuring our sustained growth.

An Inspiring Leadership Journey:

Mr. Soni’s leadership journey has been nothing short of inspirational. He embodies the very essence of excellence and continuously raises the bar for our entire organization. By encouraging a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement, he has nurtured a workforce that is driven, motivated, and united in its pursuit of greatness. Mr. Soni’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering belief in our collective potential have ignited a passion within our teams, enabling us to achieve extraordinary results together.

Embracing Innovation:

With an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Mr. Soni Saran Singh has been the catalyst for transformative change within our industry. By embracing emerging technologies, staying ahead of trends, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, he has positioned our company as a pioneer in our field. This unwavering commitment to innovation has not only set us apart from our competitors but also propelled us to the forefront of the global market.

A Legacy of Integrity:

Beyond his remarkable professional accomplishments, Mr. Soni Saran Singh’s integrity and ethical approach to business have been the foundation of our success. With an unwavering dedication to transparency, fairness, and accountability, he has earned the trust and admiration of our employees, stakeholders, and partners (principals) worldwide. His steadfast commitment to upholding our core values has shaped a corporate culture that radiates integrity in all our endeavors.

yogesh suryavanshi


icon Executive Director and COO
icon B.E Electronics

Meet Mr. Yogesh Survanshi, an accomplished electronics engineer with an impressive track record spanning 26 years in the industry. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned players in the electronics sector, including Videocon International Ltd. and Philips India Ltd.

Mr. Survanshi brings with him extensive expertise in electronics manufacturing, advanced machine maintenance, and service support. Since joining the NMTronics India family in 2006, he has emerged as an unrivaled leader in the SMT sales and support vertical.

As a guiding force behind our NMTronics Sales and Support teams, Mr. Survanshi's sharp insight, business acumen, and wealth of experience have played a pivotal role in driving our long-term growth and success.

naveen khurana


icon Executive Director and CFO
icon CA & CMA

Mr. Naveen Khurana is a multidisciplinary strategist who not only has more than 25 years of experience in managing the financial credentials of companies but also takes care of the reporting, compliance, and investment needs.

He plays a key role in guiding and influencing decision-making through his sound financial and operational leadership. Over the years, NMTronics India has undergone tremendous change and stands out as a market leader because of its sound financial foundation and its ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

All these developments over the years would not have been possible without the strategy and leadership provided by Mr. Naveen Khurana.


ravinder bhardwaj


icon Vice President Sales & Business Development - Solar
icon Advanced Diploma in Mechatronics and Industrial Automation
garima singh


icon Head HR & Administration
icon MBA HR
vipin chauhan


icon Vice President Sales & Business Development - SMT (Noida, North East, and Bangladesh)
icon B. Tech Electronics & Communication and MBA Sales & Marketing
hemang seth


icon General Manager Sales & Business Development - SMT (Mumbai)
icon B.E Electronics
mahesh r


icon General Manager Sales & Business Development - SMT (Bengaluru)
icon Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
jaydeep wardhe


icon Dy. General Manager - Service Support (Pune)
icon Diploma in Industrial Electronic


  • 20+ years of rich industry experience
  • Market leader in SMT Technology Solutions
  • Adept in expanding into new verticals such as EV, Robotics, etc
  • Pan India service network spread over 11 cities
  • 250+ Trained engineers to provide 24x7 support
  • Over 20,000 sq ft of Engineering Establishment in the Special Economic Zone [SEZ] for catering to major Electronics Manufacturers, Robotic Automation, and PV customers
  • 5,000 sq ft of Design, Engineering, and Integration facility for custom automation solutions and standard product lines
  • History & learning of 6000+ equipment to analyze realistic equipment performance
  • Fully equipped to provide Chip to Ship service
  • Presently serving 218+ clients & 640+ SMT lines
  • 6000+ machines installed so far
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