ASIC makes equipment for automatic visual and electroluminescence inspection for PV module. The inspection can be done before or after lamination process. The images are stored in the PC and operator decides detection of cracks, inactive areas, mismatched cells etc.. based on the image on the Monitor.


ASIC (VI + EL Inspection)

Key Features

  • Configured with 4 CCD camera which ensure high quality EL image
  • Confirm PN junction besides current mismatch under low sunlight level condition
  • Non-resistance module centering with multiple rubber roller centers solar glass without static resistance
  • No shade between camera and solar panel to ensure better EL image
  • Also available with integrated Auto Visual inspection to avoid manual errors and rework
  • Module positioning with optical sensor, servo motor and timing belt which avoids damage to glass coating caused by rebound

Portable EL Inspection

ASIC portable EL inspection is designed to do the Electroluminescence Testing in the field, with a transportable weight of around 25 kg and ease to set-up you can carry it anywhere.

The system is capable to inspect 10-12 module strings in single inspection cycle.

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