Laser Scribing &

LPKF Solar Quipment GmbH is an innovative and expanding company in the photovoltaic industry. The core competency is developing and manufacturing high-precision, highly dynamic systems to manufacturing thin-film solar modules.

LPKF Solar Quipment, a subsidiary of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, offers systems for the laser structuring and mechanical structuring of thin-film solar cells.

Starting substances are transparent conductive oxides (TCO), cadmium telluride (CdTe), copper-indium-diselenide (CIS), amorphous silicon (aSi), microcrystalline silicon (aSi / µSi) and metals, e.g. molybdenum (Mo).

Systems are developed and manufactured in Suhl. The application lab is located in Garbsen. When it comes to application development the proximity to the Garbsen institutes of the University of Hannover can be a great advantage.


  • Cost effective production System with high speed and precision for thin film Solar Modules
  • Scribing on CIGS, CIS, aSi, aSi/µSi or CdTe thin films
  • Scribing from film or non-film side of glass
  • Laser Pulse length from Picoseconds to nanoseconds
  • Scribing Line width of 20 microns - 70 microns

Presto (Research & Development)

The LPKF Presto system was developed specifically for processing thin-film solar modules and got all the capabilities of allegro production system on a laboratory scale.

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP)

Laser Transfer Printing (LTP) transmits highly filled inks from a colour carrier to the printing surface.

  • Digital, noncontact, with no masks or screens
  • Fine line printing due to high resolution
  • Multipass printing due to high repeat accuracy
  • Printing of highly filled qualified inks
  • LPKF LTP - an innovative process with new product options in the following fields
  • Automotive Glass
  • Circuit Printing
  • Displays
  • Architectural Glass
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