High-quality production systems and process technology for assembly and functional testing, for high-performance, precision products for the automotive, medtech and solar sectors - this is Teamtechnik.

  • 900 employees, highly motivated and forward-thinking
  • Innovation made in Germany
  • Specializing in efficient automation solutions
  • Production system supplier to market leaders all over the world.

Stringer TT2100 i8 and 72.5 MW System

  • High throughput: 1.71 seconds cycle time
  • Low breakage rate < 0.1 - 0.3 %
  • Up to 12 busbars possible
  • One 6-axis robot for one or two STRINGER TT2100 i8
  • Vacuum gripper for string handling
  • Positioning station for glass panel
  • Control cabinet and operating panel

Stringer TT4200 i8 and 145 MW System

  • Up to 12 busbars possible
  • Designed for solar cell sizes M6, M10 and M12
  • One 6-axis robot for one STRINGER TT4200 i8
  • High production capacity on a small footprint (145 MW on 15.4 m2)
  • Vacuum gripper for string handling
  • Positioning station for glass panel
  • Maximum glass panel size of 2500 x 1400 mm possible

Stringer TT4000 i8 ECA

  • Reliable process technology with a proven standard stringer
  • Ideal for processing HJT high-perfor- mance cells and busbarless cells
  • Less thermal and mechanical stress due to low temperature curing
  • Possibility to use flat ribbons and round wires
  • Possibility to use light capturing ribbons, LCRTM
  • Lead-free adhesive technology
  • Cost-effective and economical production

Teamtechnik Advantage

Non Contact IR Soldering

  • TT uses IR light with Closed loop Control for Precise temperature management
  • Solar Cells are heated gradually and then cooled gently to reduce damage during processing
  • Less breakage in the range of 0.1 to 0.3% is achieved because of this

Patented Hold down Device

  • Separates soldering process from the cell handling process
  • Saves Processing time and results in cycle time of 1.71 seconds
  • Accurate positioning of the ribbon on the cell
  • Homogenous soldering over the complete busbar

Unique Single Track Technology

  • 2100 Cycles on One Single Track
  • Each Production Process happens onc
  • Less setup time and access for maintenance work


A combination of two TT2100 and layup with a robot and matrix conveyer. Different cells and glass sizes can be processed. Speedy Adjustment by 6-axis robot.

World Market Leader in Stringer Technology

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