Visual Automation is a leading equipment manufacturer mainly used in solar photovoltaic, glass, and ceramics industries. It is a fastest growing enterprise for Vacuum lamination system use in high volume Solar Photovoltaic manufacturing.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of customer first, & committed to provide customers with high-quality products and services to meet their real needs resulting in long-term relationship & cooperation.

Visual Automation has two technical R & D centres in Qinhuangdao and Wuxi, which has been in cooperation with respected national universities, namely Yanshan university and Northern East China university. Due to this strong technology support, Visual Automation has been focusing on technology innovation and continuous improvement, in production, assembly process considering industry orientation, to provide top class Laminators, automation equipment and visual inspection system.


Visual Automation offers Customized Laminators to meet customer requirements. They offer Laminators, from capacities as low as 15 MW per year & covers up to 100 MW per year. Laminators can be used for C-Si (Mono & Polycrystalline), Thin Film, BIPV & special applications. Due to its technology, it can achieve very high level of uniformity resulting in high quality laminates.

Automatic laminator consists of loader, heat laminating, cooling chamber (optional), unloader and control system;

Loading Conveyor

This unit takes over the assembled module stacks which transported from upstream, arrange in order and with preset distance and transport the arranged module stacks into the laminating chamber.

Heating/Laminating Chamber

Consists of Transmission system as shown below. Which takes the assembled modules from the loading conveyor & takes out the laminated modules to Unloading (or Cooling) section. During this process the Transfer conveyor is cleaned using brushes for any residual material.

During lamination process negative pressure is applied to press modules. The range of pressure can be set in the touch screen (HMI), and to press the modules with the silicon rubber. During This time, heating system heats the heating plates to required temperature with oil heater & cycles heating oil in the plates.

These heating plates are preformatted carbon steel plate, & the working face is of very tight tolerance value of flatness of 250um/m2.

Unloading Conveyor

Unloading unit, takes over laminated modules and transport the modules to downstream automatically according to preset mode. This unit also controls and adjust the position of modules by photoelectric switches mounted in the beginning and the end.

Key Features

  • Temperature uniformity of ± 1.5 degree C.
  • Vacuum time of up to 90 seconds.
  • Fast Cycle time.
  • Suitable for standard & glass to glass module.
  • Available with loading conveyors & buffers as per requirement.
  • Low Power Consumption.

Oil Heating Laminator

Key Features

  • Temperature Uniformity of ±1.5 © C
  • Available with loading buffer and Conveyers
  • Option to have cooling press( glass-glass modules)
  • Shorter Cycle time

Electrical Laminator

Key Features

  • High output in small floor area
  • Pad press to avoid damage to double glass module
  • No membrane in the second/third chamber reduces the cost of operation
  • Ease of maintenance with modular design
  • Electricity saving due to direct heating
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