FUJI Corporation

Since its establishment in 1959, Fuji Corporation has used its guiding precept and the company motto to help break through many barriers and continue journey, maintaining the leadership position in Surface Mount Technology. With its "World-First" and "Industry-First" technologies, Fuji Corporation develops and manufactures SMD placement machines with unparalleled reputation, quality, durability and reliability. Fuji Corporation has become the world's largest supplier of SMT placement equipment. This foresight and innovation have kept Fuji on the leading edge of SMT development and achieving with its solutions:

  • Lowest Cost of Production.
  • Highest Life Span of the machines.
  • Sustained Accuracy and repeatability over period of time.

0201 mm part support

+/- 0.025 mm placing accuracy

Intuitive graphical interface

Improve Operation rate through single - side operation.

Real Modularity High versatility

Non stop parts supply

Seamless Changeover without stopping the machine

High expandability Minimize your investment and space when expanding Expand only by the amount required

Designed for Future, Smart factory ready

Easy to introduce, compact design

The AIMEX IIIc is a compact machine, with a width of 1280 mm and a length of 2346 mm. Not only is the AIMEX IIIc machine easy to install, it also comes with high area productivity.

DynaHead and abundant part supply positions

Up to 130 part supply positions can be used and this loadable number is an industry top class. This can flexibly respond to variations in the quantity of supplied parts. A wide range of part sizes from 0402 (01005") to 74x74 mm can be supported by one machine by using a DynaHead.

Supports Unique feature of NPI to produce board correct on first time.

Designed for Future, Smart factory ready.

High accuracy printing for large panels

Consistent highly rigid machine design from the base to printing section enables high accuracy printing even for large panels, and durability which can maintain printing quality.

Easy Operation, user Friendly GUI

Reduces total cost

Solder supply and cleaning can be automated and the machine was designed considering work efficiency, which reduces the load on operators and minimizes the work time for changeover and maintenance. Icons and a layout based on procedures are used which provides intuitive operation that operators can easily understand and reduces the training time.

Designed for Future, Smart factory ready.

Smart fab acts a Radial, Axial and inserting Odd form component.

Efficient assembly using 2 heads

Carrier head for high-speed picking and placing and processing head for flux application.

Highly accurate assembly

Vision process work and parts and perform position correction using 2 cameras.

Wide work area

Modular and discrete assembly processes on the same platform .